Mimeria provides data-value-as-a-service, a big data platform partnership.

Every company is a data company. There is great value in data, and the ability to extract value from industrial data distinguishes disruptive from disrupted companies. Unlike consumer data, corporate and industrial data remains a mostly untapped resource. But data success is not easily achieved, and competing with the most technical companies is challenging. The resources, knowledge, and talent necessary to efficiently extract value from data is concentrated in a few high-tech companies.

Mimeria is built on experience from data processing at web scale, and provides data-value-as-a-service - we build and run processing flows that extract data value for our customers. We enable innovation with industrial data, and make it accessible to a wider range of companies.

In order to get more information, read about data-value-as-a-service, or send an email to info@mimeria.com.