Data value as a service

Mimeria provides data-value-as-a-service, a partnership solution for customers’ data processing needs. We obtain a copy of customers’ data and store in our data platform, where we build processing flows that construct valuable data artifacts that correspond to a business need – anything from reports or business insight data to machine learning services. The data flows end in an integration with a service for the customer, e.g. a recommendation feature in a web shop, or a business insight tool.

A data flow addresses a customer use case, and delivers a flow of refined data that provides tangible customer business value. All companies are unique - although many companies face similar challenges, such as GDPR compliance and data validation, there are differences in requirements. Each data flow, and the underlying platform, is adapted to use case and customer. Mimeria develops the desired customisations, and then maintains, runs, and monitors the data flows in our platform.

Mimeria’s compensation model is primarily value-based - the price is designed to be proportional to delivered customer value. For each data flow that is delivered and in production, there is a subscription fee, which depends on flow complexity as well as reliability and quality requirements. Value-based pricing ensures that incentives are aligned and focused on delivering customer business value.