Data driven innovation

Value extraction from data is a common denominator among today’s disruptive and technically mature companies. All companies that are considered disruptive have chosen a technical strategy that includes a data platform, a common technical and collaborative ground where the whole organisation can share data and build data flows or data pipelines, which feed data-driven applications.

Even though great technical components have become available in recent years, many companies struggle to extract value from data in practice. Putting the components together to form a functional data platform requires talent and experience that is scarce and highly sought on the market. There are technical challenges, since the latest generation of data processing components are different in nature from earlier generations. Moreover, combining data from different departements introduces organisational and cultural challenges, which in practice often are as difficult to solve as the technical challenges.

Mimeria makes data value accessible to companies beyond the most disruptive and technical clique, by providing data-value-as-a-service. We build and host customised data processing flows on our data platform. These flows extract value from customer data, and provide valuable data as a service back to the customer, e.g. in the form of a customised recommendation service.